Why 3G is not in Pakistan

Posted on November 9, 2013, 10:44 pm

Why 3G is not in Pakistan
In the last few months around 160 countries have launched 3G Technology. Even poor countries like Kiribati have launched 3G technology.  Countries like Malaysia, USA, UK and Australia are allocating billions of Dollars to deploy the broadband infrastructure. 

The 3G Technology can create a revolution in the information technology. The high speed internet with unlimited and uninterrupted buffering, Mobile Tv , high security, Video chat all these are the main services of 3G technology. These services are possible because the 3G spectrum provides the necessary bandwidth.
Due to increasing trend of smartphones in Pakistan it is now necessary to have 3G technology. Now the question arises in every body mind that why Pakistan is not launching 3G Technology. But I think it is due PTA wants to earn a lot of Profit by selling its license. But after a delay of 5 years the Supreme Court have taken notice and during a hearing the Chief Justice said that it was the responsibility of government to ensure the transparent auctioning of the 3G technology. But how ever this delay of 5 years in 3G Technology has made us lose huge opportunities relating to job creation, international trade, Information technology, economic growth and Foreign Direct Investment. 

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