Posted on November 10, 2013, 9:49 pm

CAREER DEVELOPMENT FOR IT GRADUATES In this blog i am going to give you some technique to develop your career in IT so you must read this blog.

First thing you should decide in the first two years of universities in which field you are interested in For IT there are lots of fields some of them are

1. You should select Programming
2. You should select Data Base
3. You should select Networking
4. You can also go on support site

If your maths are strong and if you are able to make formulas and are able to make complex logic so you must go towards programming .

If you hate maths but you are able to remember codes and your learning skills are good you can go towards database field.

If you hate codes and also hate programming you can go towards networking ,
If you don't like above you can go towards support side. There is no learning in this field.
I think i have make you clear which field you should select but if you don't agree and want to add some thing kindly comment below .

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