Bank Robberies in Karachi

Posted on November 8, 2013, 10:54 pm

Bank Robberies in Karachi

Most of the time you heard from a newspaper or tv that another bank was looted in Karachi .The bank robbery in Karachi starts in 1980 when first bank was looted in Sadar. Later on due to increase of technology like security camera and alarms in bank but this robbery is not yet stopped . 

When ever investigation took place then we came to know that there was the lack of security guards or the security guard was involved in the robbery etc but actually I think the main reason is poverty . Also security companies pay there guards a very low pay like Four thousand to six thousand Rupees which is very low for a 8 hour job. Also  security companies should verify the criminal background, authenticity of CNIC before they hire those guards . If they pay around ten thousand or more to these guard who have put their lives in danger and are always ready to fight criminals also the weapon they have got from these companies are useless or very old. So the security companies should  take all these steps and save another bank to be looted in Karachi  

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